Who Are We?

George and Linda Pruitt sold their business, retired and decided to kick back and enjoy the quiet life of the retiree. Well, it did not take George long to realize the quiet life of the retiree is not for him (Linda thought the idea was pretty nifty, but she gets only half a vote in this democracy while George gets a whole vote). George and Linda have always loved trains (they rode Amtrak at least once a year while they were traveling the country on business). Wouldn't it be great to have a railroad nearby to ride whenever we chose to, they thought.

So, the Pruitt’s decided to do something with the four acres they lived on. It looked mighty empty with just greasewood and sand surrounding their home in the Mojave Desert. Why not build a 7-½ inch gauge railroad and have it run the length and width of the property! Great idea, right? This way the Pruitt’s could run their trains whenever they want to, and they could invite friends whose interest in 7-½ inch gauge railroading was as enthusiastic as theirs. Well, doesn't everyone want a railroad on their property? You say to yourself, a couple of kooks, right?? Nah! Just a couple of railroad supporters who like to share their interests with those around them. So, that is what George and Linda, along with over 100 volunteers, which are called Tie Owners are doing ...building a railroad, the SAGEBRUSH SHORTLINE RAILROAD to be exact.

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